Why Vegan/Raw?

Why Vegan/Raw?

Processed foods are full of additives, ingredients that are unnecessary, GMO products, sugars, fats and more.

You even have to be careful with whole wheat pasta nowadays just to name ONE example! Marketers have gotten clever and they put the words “Whole Wheat Pasta” in big, bold font while the words “contains 51% whole wheat” are delicately placed on the carton, in extremely small print and simply put, hidden to the average shopper.

This is exactly why if you want to be healthy, you have to focus on whole foods. Organic beans, whole grains, brown rice, quinoa, millet, and sprouted breads are all great choices but there are plenty of reasons to include lots of raw, fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet as well.

Cooking your food is the surest way to deplete essential enzymes and some other nutrients that your body needs to ensure optimal health. While people feel great eating a cooked, whole foods vegetarian based diet most feel SUPERB when they incorporate a lot of fresh, raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds into their diet.

While you will find numerous methods to achieving some sort of raw food diet the reasoning behind the idea is the same. A raw food diet has all of the benefits of a vegan diet (READ BELOW), and more.

In addition to the fact that a diet high in raw foods maintains a true balance within, helps to maintain an ideal weight, works to keep you safe from almost any disease you can THINK of, and can help to reverse most any health issues you might already have or are at risk for, you can also expect the following:


Sleep Less

People who eat a diet high in raw foods tend to need less sleep. In fact, many raw foodies need no more than six hours of sleep each and every night. What’s more is that they usually get more done by ten in the morning than most people get done all day long!


Eat More

Instead of having to worry about restricting calories or specific food types just to keep your weight under control, eat whatever you want and whenever you want without worrying about how much you are eating. A diet high in raw foods provides the ability to keep you full, satisfied, happy and never deprived all without having to think twice about your meals.


Experience Ultimate Energy

If you rely on the coffee to keep yourself motivated throughout the morning, and then more coffee to overcome that afternoon slump, you aren’t doing your body any favors. A diet high in raw foods will provide you with constant energy from the time you wake up until the time you lay your head down on your pillow at night. You don’t have to worry about any afternoon slumps or having trouble getting out of bed in the morning, EVER.


Maintain an AWESOME Mood!

A great frame of mind and a positive attitude has been proven to keep depression at bay. Furthermore, fresh raw fruits and vegetables have been proven to balance hormones, brain chemicals and blood flow, all of which contribute to your well being.

Depression, anger and stress can contribute to disease just as easily as food can, so it’s important to keep these things in check. Imagine a diet high in raw foods that will eliminate almost all negative thought processes you have always known! Talk about freedom…




1. The hormones found in our meat and dairy products are believed to contribute too many of today’s heart diseases. In fact these hormones are also being linked to various cancers, especially breast and prostate cancers. Adopting a vegan diet greatly reduces the risk associated with these cancers.


2. Over 90% of the foods found in the average supermarket have genetically modified ingredients in them. Eating a vegan diet generally consists of fresh, local foods and organic ingredients so this risk is virtually eliminated.


3.Cows who are supposed to provide “organic milk” get extremely painful infections called mastitis which results in mucus and puss in the their udders. This is then transferred to the milk and cheese supply. Unlike cows that aren’t “labeled” organic… they get no medication to stop the infections because if they did, they wouldn’t be considered organic.

This means that no matter what you are consuming puss, medications, and who knows what else when you consume dairy products.


4. The biggest killer in the United States and with the trend quickly moving abroad, is heart disease. Heart disease can be prevented and in most cases even reversed through a plant based diet.


5. A plant based diet provides all of the protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron and other nutrients anyone would ever need. In fact most sources of these nutrients are best ingested via plant based foods as opposed to animal flesh or milk.


6. People who adopt a vegan diet are thought to decrease their chance of cancer throughout their life time. In fact more and more scientific evidence is leading to this conclusion, strongly.


7. Factory farming creates more harm to the environment than all of the planes, trains and automobiles in the entire World combined. Adopting a vegan diet saves more than 100 animals each year per vegan, and reduces our climate hindrance dramatically.


8. It takes more than 2,000 gallons of water to produce ONE pound of beef in the United States, enough to take a shower for the entire year. Even making one night a week a vegan night at home, you can help to save the animals, the planet and yourself.


9. A vegan diet can offer a lifetime solution to weight problems. Eat as much as you want and need without having to worry about calories or weight.


10. A vegan diet can prevent and even reverse type 2 diabetes, as well as help to effectively manage type 1 diabetes which leads to happier, healthier and longer lasting lives.


A healthy high raw vegan diet is far from boring, as you will experience when browsing this site. Decadent recipes and comfort food favorites are just as tasty and real as their animal based counter parts. Easy recipes and fast meals can be created using plant based ingredients. In fact, your health can dramatically change for the better within just a few days of consuming a plant based diet.

Heal, relieve, relax, understand, come to terms and be a better person at the outcome. Here’s to a happy, healthy RAW high life!