Looking for a way to keep your dog’s teeth clean without having to brush them on a daily basis? Offering your dog treats that work to scrape plaque from their teeth and to keep their breath fresh will minimize the time you have to spend with a dog toothbrush in your hand.

The celery in these dog treats are nice and crunchy so they’ll scrub pooch’s teeth clean as they are being chewed. The bananas and peanut butter are simply irresistible to most dogs, and the combination will keep your dog’s breath from getting too raunchy between brushes.

You’ll need to make these treats fresh each time you want to share them with your pal, but don’t worry about making too many because it shouldn’t be a problem to polish them off yourself if there are any left over! To make a batch of 4-6 treats, use these ingredients:

1 banana
1 stick celery
1 tbsp peanut butter

Using a small bowl, just mix the banana and peanut butter together until they are well combined and creamy. Cut your celery into five or six small pieces and then stuff each piece with a little bit of the peanut butter banana filling. They’re ready to enjoy! You can use these treats just for fun or to train your pooch to do things like sit or stay.

Mix things up a little and try sprinkling spirulina or carob powder on top of the bites for added nutrition, flavor, and health benefits. Berries are also a healthful and fun idea whether they’re all for pooch or you’re sharing them too.

But the truth is that the simpler you keep things, the more often you’ll be inclined to treat your dog to this healthy snack. Don’t have time to mix the peanut filling? Simply cutting up some celery will do the trick when it comes to giving your dog’s teeth a good scrubbing.

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