This site was built with love, compassion, and a passion for helping others realize their true health in all aspects of their lives.

I was born and raised with barbeques that featured burgers, pork and chicken with potato salads, chips, and soft drinks. I was one who thought life wouldn’t be worth living without my cherished hamburgers and pizza. What would I do without my pizza?!?! My idea of eating my greens meant a small side salad drenched in ranch dressing, or one of those store bought packaged Caesar salad kits.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked many vegetables like broccoli, carrots, and green beans but not nearly as much as I loved junk food which is what made up the majority of my diet until just a few short years ago.

I was always a heavy kid… for as long as I can remember. I was able to lose some weight in my 20s thanks to some pricey diet pills and all of the different fad diets you see on the market even today, but thanks to those same shenanigans my weight skyrocketed back up and then some every time I tried to resume my “normal” ways of eating.

It always seemed like it was all or nothing, I had to banish any foods I loved forever if I was going to maintain a decent weight and live a better life. But I was miserable with this information. Never the less, I trudged on working for other people in order to pay my rent and living a life I simply wasn’t content with, all the while getting fatter and fatter and never once listening to my inner self.

I ended up more than 100 pounds overweight, feeling sick and tired, and being sick and tired of it. I needed a change so I started with my job… I made myself one! I was horribly unhappy working as a customer service manager in a cell phone call center.

So now I work as a freelance writer, working on health and environmental topics in addition to other general topics (I LOVE working for myself! it gives me the time I need to work on myself).

I am also a life coach, raw food chef and educator, and I teach classes here on the Big Island of Hawaii about creating raw and vegan foods for the family.  In addition, my husband and I sell veggie starter plants, recipes books, and raw food concoctions at the local farmers markets throughout the week.

The health benefits from eating a high raw diet have been so amazing that I have never thought of looking back.

I have dedicated my time since beginning my vegetarian adventure to reading, researching, learning and trying to better myself and the lives of those I share my life and community with. I eat lots of yummy foods that are far superior in my opinion to the fat laden crap I used to eat… and I’ve lost a TON of weight (still some to go!) in doing so. In fact I eat more food and more often than I ever even imagined before I went vegan a few years ago and I wouldn’t trade this for anything else in the world.

I feel great! I’m alive and happy, healthy and growing every single day. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I realize the long trek our planet has in healing itself and the work we all have in healing ourselves so I want to help spread the word to help enrich other peoples’ lives around the world. Everyone deserves it! Here is exactly the reason for this website. Realize true health, have compassion, save the planet… Live Life in Delicious Abundance!

Here’s to a happy, healthy day!